Living in Memories

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July l 17 l Germany

I started to love Tumblr for a long time, music is my obsession, coffee my religion.

Party, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Porn, Sex, Fashion, Art, Animals, Wolves, Design, Friends, Family, Videogames, My pet´s, Chanel, ChaosModelAgency, Jennipher Uhlhorn, Keshyr Nheira, Felice Fawn, Clock, Rings, Rain, Moon, Love, Shoes, Bag´s, Clothes, Dubstep, Nature, Photography, Pillows, Movies, Beer, Languages, Books, Reading, Writing, Singing, Dancing, Club, Rock, Tatto´s, piercings, Nailack, Ben&Jerry´s, Chocolate, Rice, Salad, Starbucks, etc.